Consider Giving Back to City House This Holiday Season

The holidays are here in all their glory and promise. At City House it’s also a time for great reflection and for asking the same hard questions that we have asked every year for 26 years.

  1. Did we serve the children and young adults in our community to the best of our abilities?
  2. Did we demonstrate our immense appreciation for the volunteers and staff that go above and beyond to provide for so many, day in and day out?
  3. Did we live up to our mission to protect youth, empower change and transform lives?

homeless_girl_0We believe the answer to these questions is an unequivocal, “yes!”

Then we ask “how do we ever thank our donors and supporters that even make these questions possible?” The answer is simple. WITHOUT YOU-these three questions would never be asked. Because WITHOUT YOU-there would be no City House.

The magnitude of your support is best told through the heart warming story of a little girl named Jonee that was in our care at My Friend’s House, our children’s shelter in Plano.

Jonee was part of a sibling group who came to stay with us as a result of a drug raid at the meth house that was their home. Jonee was less than two years old and never cried, laughed or showed any emotion at all. She learned that crying was useless because no one ever answered her cries. Because of severe neglect, she was devoid of emotion.

     The physical effects of her neglect were equally disturbing. Jonee grew up with limited exposure to sunlight and as a result was severely cross-eyed and unable to correctly focus. She could not walk, stand or even crawl. She had never learned these basic skills because she had never left her crib.

     After being with us for three months, Jonee’s eyes began to correct themselves with the help of an ophthalmologist at Children’s Medical Center and basic outside playtime. She cried, laughed and flirted with everyone by mimicking the gestures of our staff. She began to crawl and stand on her own.

     Jonee came to us as a blank, emotionless child and left us a bubbly, precocious little girl with a smile that lit up the room and laughter that filled our hearts. Her miraculous change was all due to the love and attention she received from our staff and from the contributions from people like yourself.

While caring for small children is paramount we are also deeply involved with providing shelter and life skills programs for runaway & homeless youth, and transitional living programs to struggling young adults in our community.

familyca2Our 2015 outlook already indicates that the need for our services will be in even greater demand, as the number of neglected and homeless youth continues to grow rapidly along with the population of Collin County, and we will need your help, and the support of the business community more than ever!

Please consider renewing your life changing support of City House with a year-end gift, or making a donation in someone’s name as a holiday gift? Every gift, regardless of the amount, makes a difference & advances our work to protect youth, empower change, and transform lives.

Click here to donate today.

Thank you in advance for your generous consideration. May you have a joyous holiday!

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