Consider Giving Back to City House this Holiday Season

familyca2All of us here at City House believe that a big part of the holiday season is having appreciation and thanks for all the things we are blessed with – a loving family and roof over our head. Our staff and volunteers do an extraordinary job working with our kids every day, giving them a chance to heal and/or stand on their own two feet. We recently received a letter from Julie, one of our former residents, that shows the real impact we have on individuals for the long term and the influence we have in the young lives we serve:

Dear City House,

Many of you currently there may not know me, but I want you to know my story. I think about the impact that City House made on my life every day, and I was hoping to give you an update to relay to others to serve as a reminder of how deeply grateful many of us are for the encouragement and provisions that were afforded to us who have relied on the services at some point. I am a college graduate from Texas A&M Commerce, and working full time at a fortune-500 company as an accountant.

I was recently asked by a co-worker what a frame in my office represented. It was the 2006 City House Executive Director Survivor’s Award I received from the organization, and I just couldn’t find the words to tell them all that it meant to me. I was filled with pride in a way that I could never explain to anyone who had not come in contact with the organization. I was also filled once again with a humbling gratitude, and thought I would reach out to let you all know that I still recall and am moved by what you did in my life each and every day that I was there, and that it means something to the lives that are affected such as mine. The help I received has played a key role in molding me into a healthy and happy individual. (I still have my key chain that was given to me filled with note cards on how to fix things around the home… I still remember when the Junior League came in and taught us dinner etiquette- which spoon to hold and where to sit.., and I remember the tireless volunteers that helped push me into a place of success through tutoring in many of my classes.) I am now married and have two boys (2 and 7), and just don’t know where I would be in life without having had the employees and volunteers’ support and encouragement, not to mention the generous donors in the community who make it all possible. So I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who impacted my success story, and continue to mold more every day at City House.  — Julie

City House has been here for at-risk children and young adults for the last 25 years because of the generous support we receive from individuals like you. Simply put, we are here for them because you are here for us.

The number of neglected and homeless youth continues to grow along with the population of Collin County, especially among children in the county ISDs. We need your help more than ever! Will you please consider renewing your support of City House with a year-end gift? Perhaps you would consider making a donation in someone’s name as a holiday gift?

Want to give a gift that gives throughout the year? We make it easy to set up a recurring, monthly donation through Corduro – our easy on-line payment provider.

Click here to donate today.

Every gift, regardless of the amount, makes a difference & advances our work to protect youth, empower change, and transform lives.

It takes a community and we thank everyone for their support!

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