Donor Spotlight: Financial Advisor Honors Clients’ Birthdays Through Donation

Pepkin & Associates

Pepkin & Associates is honoring their clients’ birthdays this year by making a donation to City House in their honor.Charitable giving is one area in which Pepkin & Associates advise clients, so staying informed and connected with local charities is a priority.

“We toured My Friend’s House last year and wanted to find some way to support the incredible work City House does,” said Private Wealth Advisor Charlie Pepkin. “When it came time to plan how we’re honoring client’s birthdays in 2013, making a donation to City House in their names seemed like the perfect ‘gift’. And, so far our clients seem to really appreciate the sentiment.”

City House sends Pepkin & Associates clients a brief “Happy Birthday” letter sharing that we received a donation in honor of their birthday. “Honorarium donations like this is a great way for our donors to introduce City House to their friends and clients while supporting our work to protect youth, empower change, and transform lives,” said City House Community Relations Manager Karen Voelker.

To discuss how you can make the most of your honorarium donations, contact Karen Voelker at

Pepkin & Associates is a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Charlie Pepkin has overseen the financial affairs of families and individuals in the Metroplex for over 20 years. For more information visit his website at
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