D.Y.A. Performing at Watters Creek This Friday for City House

1011 flyerD.Y.A. will be performing one of their famous jams this Friday, October 11, at Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm in Allen (off 75 at Bethany) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm as part of their “Tunes for a Cause” program.

Don’t forget to use the parking meters when you park your car at Watters Creek, as City House is the beneficiary for the final quarter of the year (October-December, 2013).

D.Y.A.’s core members Madh & Sach have been performing their music on and off locally in the DFW area for the last nine years. In those years, they’ve played at clubs and bars in Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville, as well as other spots in the suburban area. D.Y.A. also hosted recurring “family friendly” shows at Dunn Bros Coffeehouse locations. In late 2010, they decided to get back to sharing their music, but this time they were out to raise awareness locally for good causes that people may not be aware of. They always heard about how other people do these type of things, so they asked themselves, “Why not us?”

DYAD.Y.A. was introduced to volunteering with City House at the old Haggard Park location seven years ago and the kids & staff really made an impression on us. As we got more involved with volunteering with the kids and conversing with the staff, we really saw how City House was making a difference in these kids’ lives. No child should have to have their life displaced from the norm, but City House really does they’re best to offer the children they serve a regular and safe life.

mapAfter receiving many City House fundraiser emails, they decided to use their repertoire of popular cover songs and originals to try to help the nonprofit raise some more awareness and support, in whatever scope D.Y.A. could offer. In 2011 and 2012, they setup “The City House Jam” at Haggard Park in downtown Plano where they performed live music, had speeches from City House’s staff, free refreshments, and even a guest musician from City House. In 2013, D.Y.A. performed “The City House Benefit Jam” indoors at McSwiggan’s Irish Pub in the Colony. In between those events, they have played many times at coffeehouses and other events, all in the name of City House. While D.Y.A. strives to fundraise as much as they can for City House, their ultimate goal is to spread the good message and good works of what City House is all about. They have also taken that same message of positivity and have performed similar events for the Bridge Dallas shelter in 2010 and 2011.

Music is the great communicator and there is no better message to convey than love and positivity…you can find both of these at City House.

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