Frisco’s Got Talent Act Profiles

Frisco’s Got Talent – the Profiles of our Lineup

Date:  Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time: 6:30 pm

Location:  Frisco High School Auditorium


City House invites you to join us for a wonderful night featuring some of the best young talent in Frisco. The event – Frisco’s Got Talent – is an all-star talent show made up of some of the best acts from seven different Frisco high schools.

Frisco’s Got Talent is City House’s first event of 2014 to raise money as part of our capital campaign to open two transitional living homes for homeless youth in Frisco, as well as a youth resources center. The event will feature two top performers from each of Frisco High School, Centennial High School, Liberty High School, Heritage High School, Independence High School, Wakeland High School and Legacy Christian Academy.


Centennial High School

ravin komboAct: Ravin Kombo singing “And I am Telling You” by Jennifer Holliday

About Ravin: I’m 16 and I enjoy signing pop and R&B songs. I’ve loved singing since I was a little girl and looked up to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Beyonce’.  I was shy as a young child but really got motivated after the second grade. It makes me so proud to have my mom and my sister in the crowd; they are my biggest fans!

Career goals: I want to become a successful singer and performer. I want to be an inspiration and role model for someone who wants to dream big!

Advice for young people interested in performing: My advice to those following a dream is – never give up! If you believe in yourself and your talent then go for it! And always practice, practice, practice!


Jaxon MoffitAct: Jaxon Moffitt playing the piano and singing “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie

About Jaxon: I’m a senior and have always loved music and the emotion it invokes. My older sister was a huge influence on me. She was an incredible musician and would always fill our house with singing. I wouldn’t be here today without my supporting parents.

Career Goals: I plan on obtaining a degree in computer science and becoming a software engineer.

Advice for young people interested in performing: Whatever you do, give it your all! Make sure you are doing something that you love and have fun with it!


Frisco High School

Savannah ToddAct: Savannah Todd playing the harp – “La Source” by Hasselmans

About Savannah: I began playing the harp in sixth grade when Dr. Trent started the harp program in FISD and I love it. I like that you can pull so many sounds and feelings from one instrument and that you have to use your hands as well as your feet to play.

Career Goals: I am going to Baylor for engineering on full tuition, but will still be playing harp in the ensembles.

Advice for young people interested in performing: Performing shouldn’t be a burden because others are expecting you to do well. You should do it because you love it and because it is the way you choose to express yourself.


SwolvesAct: The Swolves (Jacob Hicks, Jacob Shepherd, Andres Salerno, Ross Arrington) playing “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

About the band: We got together last year and like to play modern alternative, blues revival, classic rock and the blues. We’re all friends and this experience has been great. It takes us about an hour and a half to learn a song completely, which is actually pretty fast.

Career Goals: Jacob H – professional musician or biomedical engineer, Ross A – movie producer, Jacob S – petroleum engineer, Andres S – civil engineer.

Advice for young people interested in performing: Learn an instrument at a young age and be confident as you grow with it, because there will be bumps and rough spots along the way.


Heritage High School

Shellymar VillegasAct: Shellymar Villegas – singing “All of Me” by John Legend

About Shellymar: I’m 15 and in 9th grade. I’ve been singing since I was seven years old. I love to sing and watch people enjoy what I love to do, as well as sing along with me.

Career Goals: I want to become a famous singer (as unrealistic as it seems). I want to tour all over the world and see people singing my songs and watch me perform.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: Don’t be afraid to show people what you are made of. Just be yourself and people will love you for it.


anthony durden HHSAct: Anthony Durden dancing a dub-step (had to withdraw due to injury, but we thank Anthony for his efforts!)

About Anthony: I’m in 11th grade and I dance to let go of emotions that you cannot let out constructively in any other way. My influence was listening to Pandora. A song came on called “Base Nectar” and I loved it. I’m all about trying to get other people to follow their dreams because I really want to be discovered myself.

Career Goals: I really want to be a professional dancer and possibly perform in movies and entertainment.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: Go all out! As long as you do what you want to do and give a solid effort, you will go far.


Legacy Christian Academy

Brinklee BoundsAct: Brinklee Bounds, singing “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood

About Brinklee: I’m 14 years old. I’ve always loved this song and I feel a very strong connection to it. I am proud of my ability to learn a song quickly and make it my own.

Career goals: I would love to be a worship leader at my church someday and maybe even make into the big time and leave my mark on the world.

Advice for young people interested in performing: I would say follow your dreams because God has a plan for your life and never give up. If you follow him, you will always end up where you are supposed to be.


Abigail SafstromAct: Abigail Safstrom, singing “Say Something” by A Great Big World

About Abigail: I’m 16 and I love performing. I’ve always been in love with music. I’ve performed since I was 12 and I love to harmonize with every song that comes on the radio.

Career goals: I’d like to become a physical therapist. I love the joy that comes with helping people.

Advice for young people interested in performing: Simply have fun and be confident. You can do it.


Liberty High School

Alexander BarnesAct: Alexander Barnes with an animation dance style

About Alexander: I’m 16 years old and in 11th grade. I was inspired by the movie Step Up 3, as well as other dancers to perfect and improve my craft. I’ve submitted a video for an online dance competition and be part of a music video. You can see my “Dance Among Dragons” contest video on my “Alexander Barnes” YouTube channel. I’ve also played the double bass in orchestra for six years.

Career Goals: I want to entertain people. I also plan to attend college after high school.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: Just have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and talents with others.


Lieber&Lewis 1 LHSAct: Mary Liebert & Delanie Lewis singing “Picture to Burn” by Taylor Swift

About Mary and Delanie: We’re in 9th grade. We play guitar and harmonize our voices. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten and we both could sing and play guitar so we teamed up. We’re all about having fun and are super happy about being able to compete this far in the competition as freshman.

Career goals: We want to eventually get noticed and sign a recording deal.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: If you have a special talent, don’t be afraid to show it!


Lone Star High School

IMG_3947-1Act: Stephen Cooper playing acoustic guitar and singing “Let Her Go” by Passenger

About Stephen: I’m 15 years old and my biggest musical inspiration is my grandfather. He is a professional guitar player/teacher in New Orleans, and he gave me my first guitar. My vocal inspiration came from my middle school teacher, as he was the first person to realize I could sing. I moved to Texas in August and I am blessed to be a member of The Grace Avenue UMC Youth Band.

Career Goals: I want to go to college and get a degree in biomedical sciences and possibly minor in music production. I’d like music to be part of my career and who I am.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: Put yourself out there and take a chance. You never know what you can accomplish unless you try.


Connor Rayman performance picIMG_20140102_174838_693Act: Connor Rayman and Kat Schletewitz singing “Say Something” by a Great Big World with Christina Aguilera.

About Connor and Kat: We are in 10th grade and have been practicing this act for over two months. This is the first time we have done a duet together. It was honestly a thrill to hear people chatting about our performance after the Lone Star Talent Show!

Connor: I am a worship leader at my church, for the teen worship team. I write songs and am currently learning piano and guitar.

Kat: I’m a state-bound solo singer, so singing with Connor was very different for me. To see his face, his joy and just his gratefulness after we performed was the best part and I am so proud to be working with him!

Career Goals: Connor wants to pursue a career in music and/or become a teacher. Kat wants to be a professional performer or a music teacher.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: Connor – Go for it; always go for your dreams! You never know what could happen and you might just win the whole thing! Kat – Be confident and practice your stage presence. Also don’t just play the music. Feel it!


Wakeland High School

Bre BujnowskiAct: Breanna Bujnowski playing the banjo and singing “Mean” by Taylor Swift

About Breanna: I started singing when I was really young and I followed with my love of music. I’ve played piano since I was in 5 and I taught myself guitar, ukulele, and then banjo this last thanksgiving. I’ve always loved music and found joy in being able to express myself in music and being able to feel the music more than just singing it and I hope the audience feels the same way I try to produce it.

Career Goals: When I grow up I want to go to college and major in music in hopes of being a music teacher and help kids find love in music and inspire kids to follow their dreams.

Advice for Young People interested in performing: My advice would be to do your best. Practice as much as you can, take criticism whether bad or good because both will help you, and to do it because you love it. Find the joy music brings you and how it helps to uplift you when you’re down.


IMG_4988Act: Angeleen DeWitt singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom of the Opera composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber

About Angeleen: I’m in 11th grade and I love to sing. I express myself through all the songs I sing because each and every one is a story that people can relate to. Whether it be happy or sad, emotions are conveyed in these songs. I am a storyteller. This song is difficult to sing; not only do you have to have extreme control of your voice, you also have to convey the great sadness and longing that comes from the story.

Career Goals: My dream is to perform the role of Christine in the Phantom of the Opera. I fell in love with it when I first saw it as a nine-year-old.

Advice for young people interested in performing: All of us are talented. Embrace your talent and have the courage to be your amazing self. Dare to be original.

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