Help Us End 2015 Strong!


City House Friends & Supporters:

Thanks to you, over the last three years more than 7,000 infants, children, teenagers and young adults had a safe place to stay, hot meals, medical care, counseling, family therapy, life-skills training, the comfort of being rocked by a caring volunteer, the ability to stay in school and someone who answered the phone during a crisis who provided immediate help, understanding and support.

Mother At Home Cuddling Newborn Baby In Nursery

Thanks to you, we have the facilities and staff to be the safety net for so many. Late this summer a prominent Collin County resident toured the children’s shelter. She later recalled her first impression. “It wasn’t many steps into my initial tour of the shelter before I began to lay eyes on innocent children. On this particular day, there was a baby girl, who welcomed the arms of all who begged to hold her. It was hard to comprehend how one’s childhood could be so compromised at such tender and impressionable ages. It also became obvious to me why the staff and volunteers at City House are unwavering in their care and commitment to positively impact these young lives.”

iStock_000075631251_DoubleThanks to you, one of our young people could tell another young person in need, “They give you a place to live and food to eat. They help you with your school. I didn’t really know what to expect– there were people I could go to and people I could talk to and I haven’t had that. I never had a mentor.”  Without your help, this particular young person would still be out on the street. Today, he is safe, warm, and self-sufficient. We are honored and proud to say he left our shelter this fall for his first year at the University of North Texas.

Thanks to you, every day, your support makes stories like this possible.

2015 Year-End Campaign

Homeless Teenage Girl On Street With RucksackMeeting the Demand for Services. Today, in anticipation of first quarter needs we’re launching our year-end campaign to raise $100,000, by Midnight, December 31, 2015. Our objective is to help reach an additional 300 kids and get their lives back on track to realize their potential. You see, even though we helped over 2,400 children and young adults last year, there are still an astounding number on the streets of Collin County, or soon to be on the streets, that we couldn’t help because we don’t have the resources to do so.

We need your help to make it happen. If we raise that amount, we’ll be able to invest in the outreach to grow and retain outreach workers and expand programs, and the counselors and case managers to preemptively work with this at-risk youth population. This unified effort and your investment in City House will let us get these youth back home to the family before they become a street statistic, and if it’s found that the former home is not a safe and nurturing environment–then it’s our job to get these kids the help they need through longer-term programs.

These Children are our future. 

Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal and bring 300 more at-risk young people out of crisis?

iStock_000002083800_LargeOn behalf of the children and young adults in our care, thank you for saving their lives and their dignity. Know that your contribution has truly protected youth, empowered change and transformed lives.


Please, click here to make your donation now.  The lives of hundreds of at-risk youth are at stake.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

With gratitude,

All of us here at City House

P.S. Check out this great short video of our recent ribbon cutting ceremony at our new Youth Resource Center in east Plano.

Visit us at to learn more, or to arrange a personal tour of our operations.


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