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We Help Families Find Answers When They do not Know Where to Turn

City House was founded in 1988 with the purpose of helping kids who had nowhere else to go. They were homeless. It is still a cornerstone of what we do today.

However, one of the best ways to combat the epidemic of homelessness and abuse is to get out in front of it before it becomes a problem.

donors_girl-head-bowed-family_fmtThese problems usually begin at home, where there can sometimes be high levels of conflict. The source of the conflict makes no difference; families sometimes need help and we help look for solutions. Sometimes one or both parents are concerned that their child may run away or become homeless because of stressors at home.

The question they often ask is, “Where can we turn?”

All of us here at City House try and be that answer.

There are two services that City House provides which are possible good options to those in need of help.

Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY) Program

City House’s Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY) Program is run at My Friend’s House – the organization’s emergency youth shelter.

92252224-300x201This program is designed to help teens who are conflicted at home, for any reason, and are at risk to run away or become homelessness. Perhaps your family needs a break to work on these stressors.

The program is designed to help young people get expert care and counseling over a 21-day assessment stay, with 24-hour support and services delivered by City House’s highly trained staff.

Sometimes the family crisis has nothing to do with the teen; the parents are in need of more extensive support and help (for substance abuse, addition, homelessness, or marital/family breakdown). The RHY Program helps here too, giving the teen a safe place to stay while mom and dad work out their problems.

“At City House we understand the struggles Collin County families face and are here to provide a safe and secure environment for the youth while the family addresses the crisis at hand,” said Jennifer Patten, RHY Program Director. Through the support and care of our expert staff, we work with the youth while improving communication and strengthening the family unit. City House staff is always available to answer any of your families questions. Call us, we are able to help.”

Services at the RHY Program include:

  • Daily chef prepared nutritional meals, clothing, and home-like amenities all within a state of the art residential setting.
  • Personalized treatment plan with weekly evidenced-based individual and family therapy.
  • Individualized case management with the goal of increasing positive youth development, overall safety, and self sufficiency of the client and family system.
  • Access to immediate medical exams, substance abuse evaluations, and mental health assessments.  Pertinent community based referrals are also provided.
  • Minimal academic and work disruption for local residents. Transportation to work, school, extracurricular activities provided by staff.
  • Academic assistance, life skills training, and therapeutic group classes facilitated on site.

For additional information on the RHY Program, please contact Client Service Coordinator, Andrea Franklin at (972) 424-4626 or Afranklin@cityhouse.org.

Community Counseling Services

Another option for anyone who might be experiencing family struggles would be to start with City House’s Community Counseling Services.

familyca2City House has a licensed therapist experienced in providing effective, solution focused individual and family therapy with proven results. Through the use of evidence-based counseling methods, behavioral and emotional symptoms are addressed in a safe and engaging environment. With the completion of counseling many children, adolescents, and families have disclosed marked improvement in the areas of:  behavioral modification, emotional self regulation, depression, generalized anxiety, crisis management, self-harming behaviors, school avoidance, communication patterns between family members, reduced familial/peer conflict, and higher self-esteem.

“One of the most difficult experiences being a parent is feeling like a powerless observer to your child’s struggles,” said City House therapist Marcy Martinez, LCSW. “At My Friend’s House we want to change that. Through weekly individual and family counseling sessions, these symptoms are treated in a nurturing environment with proven evidenced-based therapy approaches. Often by the completion of these sessions, children feel more in control of their emotions and behaviors and parents feel reconnected with their child. If you see your child or family’s well being suffering, please don’t wait for the symptoms to intensify. Call us, we are able to help.”

Families and/or individuals are able to come and participate in up to eight free sessions.

  • Individual sessions for children and adolescents.
  • Family sessions include caregivers, targeted child, and as needed, siblings.
  • Evening time slots are also available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Convenient central Plano location.

Please contact the RHY Therapist, Marcy Martinez, LCSW, to schedule your appointment.  (972) 424-4626 or Mmartinez@cityhouse.org

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