Profile: TLP client fights back after car accident

Treonta’ first came to City House’s transitional living program in October 2012.   Six weeks later Treonta’ was involved in a serious car accident resulting in weeks of hospitalization for broken bones, abrasions and a traumatic brain injury.

Treonta’ returned to her hometown of Mexia, Tex. to recuperate at her mother’s home.  Not wanting to give up on the goals she’d set for herself prior to the accident, Treonta’ returned to City House shortly before the new year.

AMTC ShineTreonta’ is an aspiring actress and model. Last year she was a part of Yellow Fish Production’s of the gospel stage play “When a man’s fed up” starring Tony Grant.  More recently, she landed a place in Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ’s SHINE – a biannual talent convention in Orlando, Fla.  SHINE is scouted by 50-100 top agents, managers, casting directors, and music professionals.

Treonta’ first learned of City House from an alumna of the program. “At first I was reluctant because of how I viewed shelters, but [my friend] assured me that it was nice and full of support. I did research, went through the application process, and got accepted into the program.”

Treonta’ said she most enjoys her weekly case management appointment. “It isn’t all business, though we do work on tangible stuff … it’s also a time to pour-out everything that’s on my mind and process what is happening in my life right now,” she said. With the guidance and support she is receiving, Treonta’ feels she is better able to cope with the challenges she’s facing in the wake of her accident.

Treonta’ also enjoys when Lightening Alliance comes in once a month to share a meal and enrichment workshop with TLP clients. Clients come together for a family style meal at one of the homes.  They begin by going around and sharing what they are grateful for, then share dinner, and discuss a topic.  This past month’s topic was on Success. Treonta’ said they talked about the thoughts and mind sets one needs to succeed.

“I believe anything I want to do, I can do,” said Treonta’. “I find myself just speaking it – telling others my goals. The more I do, the more confident I am that I will succeed.”

“If I were to tell others about City House I would share it from my personal experience,” Treonta said.  “It’s not so much a shelter as a home.  There are opportunities for fellowship with others in the house, lots of different personalities and perspectives, and it’s always entertaining.

“For me, City House is God’s doing. To lose my apartment and have no place to go and then to get connected with this program has been a true blessing.

“If you come into the program with the mind set you’ll just be here for a few months you probably won’t get all the benefit. But if you take it for all it has to offer, you’ll be better than before you came in.  It’s a true opportunity to get on your feet, save some money, find your path and get started on the right road.”

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