Success Stories – Treonta’

Treonta’ is an aspiring actress. Her passions these days include hair modeling and shooting commercials with a goal of getting into film. It wasn’t always this way.

photo-11“I had a rough childhood. I wanted to grow up faster than I should have and I ended up at the bottom in a really bad crowd. I was taken advantage of as a young woman and I didn’t have much self respect or confidence to change where I was going. It wasn’t pretty.”

Treonta’ didn’t have a home and knew she needed help. She was introduced to City House by a resident friend in the fall of 2012 but was somewhat skeptical.

“I didn’t want to live in a homeless shelter. But then I discovered that City House is so much more than that. I checked it out and discovered that the people here were very friendly and caring and loving. It’s not a homeless shelter; rather it’s a home away from home. They provide shelter but they also enable you to grow and learn about yourself. The negative is always going to turn into a positive if you put the effort in and get the most out of it. This is a temporary situation and an avenue toward standing on your own two feet.”

Treonta’ isn’t shy and her interactions among her fellow residents had a positive effect on her. And probably vice versa.

“I’ve always enjoyed listening and talking with other residents and learning about their lives. I’ve always given encouraging words. I tend to look at the bright side and get the best out of a situation. For instance, you may not always want to go to class or save that money but it is needed. We’ve helped each other with encouragement and learned together.”

Life classes are a big part of the program. They hit home with Treonta’, especially the ones that dealt with personal finance.

“I really enjoyed learning how to budget money and it has had a big impact already. I write things down and do things more efficiently, especially grocery shopping. I’m able to weigh things out and prioritize things.”

Among the things Treonta’ learned in her time with City House, she lists patience at the top.

“I’m patient with myself and patient with life. I take it one day at a time. City House softened up my heart; I had a cold heart. I’ve learned how to love people and not judge them by what they’ve been through. I’ve become self-motivated and learned responsibility. I know that getting a good job is the best thing for me and to save money.

“I am proud of the person I have become.”

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