Success Story: Lexii

Growing up in Murphy, Lexii didn’t have a good relationship going with her mom. Her parents were in a custody battle and constantly going at it. Lexii already had a falling out with her dad. So she decided to leave home at 17.

Lexii“It’s worse when you’re a kid because when family conflict happens, you have to live with it,” Lexii said. “That’s what makes it harder. When you’re a kid, you can’t leave, but I felt I had to. I completely dropped out of school, I just stopped as I was entering my senior year.”

Bad relationships with boyfriends didn’t help either. Lexii said that a bad breakup started the negative spiral of events, and then she got together with a guy who was very violent and abusive.

“It was a bad situation,” she said. “But he also had a younger sister and she was a junior and going to school. It made me say to myself, ‘What am I doing? If she’s doing it, why aren’t I?’ I had one year left; why did I stop?”

Lexii heard about City House and figured it was worth a try. She joined the Transitional Living Program and started working toward her GED.

“I got a job at BJ’s Pizza and I was working with a City House tutor for math, which has always given me trouble. I was in the program for about six or seven months, then decided to return to school and finish all my classes and get the real thing after I left.”

Now Lexii is married and her husband is going to school. She’s got a job and just bought a new car. Her husband is in the Navy and they will be moving to Florida in April, where he will be stationed. She’s doing well, and credits much of that to what she learned at City House.

“I learned to be responsible, for one,” she said. “City House helped me grow up a lot. One of my biggest issues was the bus and the train. Now I will jump on one with no problem now. I embraced the program – it taught me how to adapt to change and deal with situations. It was a good balance in the staff helping us while we had a lot of independence to learn to help ourselves too. I think it’s a really good to have someone to fall back on but it teaches us to help ourselves first.”

Lexii thinks City House is a good option for teens that need a place to turn.

“I would recommend City House to any teen that needed help,” she said. “I’d tell them to get in the right mindset and be prepared to help yourself. City House provides so much and the rules of the program are like any other home. It’s different when you get in it; you may have to adjust to following the rules but you learn from them. I told one of my friends they should come here. It did a lot for me.

“I can honestly say that I’m really happy. And City House is a big reason. I am very happy and proud of the progress I have made but I still have a ways to go.”

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