Teen Suicide. Tough Subject Matter.

On the heels of our City House staff attending a QPR (Question.Persuade.Refer) training this week on 3 basic steps to take when talking to someone with thoughts of suicide, our Programs Director, Jennifer Lajoie shared her thoughts on the Netflix Original Series “13 Reasons Why.” 

The series gives an in-depth, at time extremely graphic look at the 13 Reasons “Why” a high school student took her own life. For Jennifer, it sparked the question, “do our clients at City House House know about this?” She than took the opportunity to have an honest conversation with our youth and young adults about suicide, and she made it important that our youth and young adults lead the conversation and hear first-hand what they are saying about the subject. 

Geeze, remember when the three mandatory conversations were the birds and the bees, warning your kids to not talk to strangers or take drugs?

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