Volunteers Needed for Homeless Census

thumbnail-article_medium-teen_260218670The Homeless Census will take place Thursday January 23, 2014.  City House is looking for volunteers/donors to fill 150 gallon size baggies with the items shown below.  We will need the bags by Friday, January 17, 2014. Please contact Lisa Rodgers at lrodgers@cityhouse.org if you are interested in participating.

This is a perfect project for a youth group or scouts.

Items to include in every bag are listed below.  All of these items can be obtained from a dollar store. 

It may not be possible to gather all the items listed below but as best as possible will be great. Trial size is best since it fits into the bags and it is easier for the population to carry with them:

1.     thick tube socks

2.     emergency blanket

3.     toothbrush/mini toothpaste- trial size

4.     dental floss

5.     small deodorant

6.     instant coffee, hot chocolate, or soups pkts

7.     body wash (soap is hard to store and use again)(Trial size)/small washcloth

8.     granola bars

9.     shaving essentials

10.  comb/brush

11.  small mouthwash

12.  wipes- personal face/body type (NOT Clorox sanitary countertop wipes)

13.  rain poncho

14.  small Kleenex

15.  pair of warm gloves

16.  cheese and crackers /dried fruit/nuts

17.  small  mini flashlight w/ batteries

18.  hand warmers

19.  chapstick

20.  pen, small notepad

Thank you for your consideration!

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